NewsIndexer Thesaurus

Short Description

An indexing system for the newspaper industry. A specialized group of terms with the newspaper industry’s indexing needs in mind. The vocabulary is divided into sections that correspond to the sections of a typical newspaper. An accompanying rule base enables highly accurate categorization of newspaper articles.


Owned/Developed by

  1. Name of Owner: Access Innovations, Inc.
  2. Name of Developer: Access Innovations, Inc.
  3. Technical Contact: Mary Garcia, *protected email*
  4. License Contact:  Marjorie Hlava, *protected email*

Adopted (as opposed to owned) by organizations/publishers:
How is this KM applied?

  1. Manually and Auto-tagging software
  2. By Editorial Staff | Professional indexers

How is this KM used?

  1. Direct Bibliographic Search
  2. Display

Description of the current use case(s) of the KM

Customized version used by Acquire Media for categorization of news items, and RSS delivery according to customers’ interests.

Description of the future/potential use cases of the KM (not yet realized)

Categorization of news stories (including archived stories) by and for newspaper publishers; indexing of 20th and 21st century historical studies.

What are the main goals for using this KM?

  1. Increase downloads

Rationale for KM vs other means of searching and browsing?

Every news day, you can tag the articles as they are produced through a cloud service or installed on your own local servers. We automatically feed this data through NewsIndexer, which scans every article and searches for terms similar to those in its controlled vocabulary. NewsIndexer then displays these terms for the human indexer’s review and approval. For backfile collections you can just accept the indexing as an automatic batch process. For ongoing daily feeds you might want to review all or a random sample of the results on a regular basis for maintenance.

Is the KM being actively developed?

  1. Yes, internally

License information: