NICEM Thesaurus

Short Description

Thesaurus of the National Information Center for Educational Media (NICEM), used for indexing the records of NICEM’s bibliographic database.

Owned / Developed by

  1. Name of Owner – Access Innovations, Inc.
  2. Name of Developer – Access Innovations, Inc.
  3. Technical Contact – Mary Garcia, *protected email*
  4. License Contact – *protected email*

How is this KM applied?

  1. Manually | Auto-tagging software | Both
  2. By Authors | Editorial Staff | Professional indexers

How is this KM used?

  1. Direct Bibliographic Search | Indirect (e.g., used to expose content resulting from other user actions)
  2. Display | Grouping of results
  3. People search | Author profiles | Publication profile

Description of the current use cases of the KM

Used for indexing bibliographic records of non-print educational media in the NICEM database.

What are the main goals for using this KM?

  1. Enhance UX
  2. Increase Search Engine Ranking
  3. Increase time user spends on site
  4. Increase traffic
  5. Increase downloads

Rationale for KM vs other means of searching and browsing?

The thesaurus contains terms that reflect the subject matter of educational material, especially at the K-12 levels. An associated rule base that has been developed specifically for those terms enables appropriate indexing and accurate retrieval of bibliographic records, as well as user-friendly browsing in conjunction with a search interface.

 Is the KM being actively developed?

  1. Yes, internally

License Information:

  1. Terms of license or link to license terms – Contact *protected email*.