General Linguistics Taxonomy

Short Description:

The General Linguistics Taxonomy covers all major areas of linguistics and communication science. It includes precise definitions, in-depth explanations, and synonyms and/or antonyms where applicable. Languages: English and German.


The model is not currently available externally.

Owned/Developed by:

  1. Name of Owner: De Gruyter
  2. Name of Developer: De Gruyter
  3. Technical Contact: Bettina de Keijzer, *protected email*
  4. License Contact: Not applicable

How is this KM applied?

With auto-tagging software (Luxid/TEMIS).

How is this KM used?

  1. Direct Bibliographic Search | Indirect (e.g., used to expose content resulting from other user actions)
  2. Display | Grouping of results

Description of the current use case(s) of the KM

Enhance content from certain subject areas by adding keywords from the General Linguistics Taxonomy.

Description of the future/potential use cases of the KM (not yet realized)

Show definitions of linguistic terms with mouseover and present enriched content to authors on De Gruyter Online with options to edit (delete or add) automatically assigned taxonomy/keywords.

What are the main goals for using this KM?

  1. Enhance UX
  2. Increase Search Engine Ranking
  3. Increase time user spends on site
  4. Increase traffic
  5. Increase downloads
  6. Closer connection of different content types
  7. Drive innovation

Rationale for KM vs other means of searching and browsing?

Using a KM is more useful for providing related content, since the taxonomy also includes relations. Showing more in-depth explanations for terms is more so a possibility with a complex KM.

Is the KM being actively developed?

Yes, internally.

License information:

KM is not currently available to license.