IOP Thesaurus

Short Description:

The IOP thesaurus is a collection of ca. 6000 terms describing concepts in physics and related areas.


The model is not currently available externally.

Owned/Developed by:

  1. Name of Owner:   IOP Publishing Ltd
  2. Name of Developer:  Michael Roberts, *protected email*
  3. Technical Contact:   Michael Roberts, *protected email*
  4. License Contact:   Not applicable

Adopted (as opposed to owned) by organizations/publishers:
How is this KM applied?

IOP Publishing, applied manually and through auto-tagging software (Luxid/TEMIS),  Editorial Staff and Referees

How is this KM used?

Not currently in production use for semantic enrichment.

Description of the current use case(s) of the KM

Used for indexing of referees, within ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Description of the future/potential use cases of the KM (not yet realized)

Faceted search, display of further relevant content, key-word driven advertising.

What are the main goals for using this KM?

  1. Improve service to readers on IOPscience
  2. Enhance UX
  3. Increase Search Engine Ranking
  4. Increase time user spends on site
  5. Increase traffic
  6. Increase downloads
  7. New opportunities for innovation

Rationale for KM vs other means of searching and browsing?

As the IOP thesaurus describes relationships between topics as well as providing keywords, it provides a powerful mechanism for determining relevant content and search faceting not available through statistical approaches. The machine-based indexing approach ensures consistency across the corpus, avoiding human bias in applying keywords.

Is the KM being actively developed?

Yes, internally

License information:

KM is not currently available to license