Semantic enrichment is an active area of development for many publishers. Our enrichment processes are based on the use of different Knowledge Models (e.g., an ontology or thesaurus) which provide the terms required to describe different subject disciplines.

This initiative, sponsored by Crossref, enables publishers to share which Knowledge Models they are using, creating opportunities for standardisation, collaboration and interoperability.

This website has been launched in November 2014. It is a starting point. We hope that additional publishers and interested parties will contribute information about their uses of Knowledge Models. The aim is to look for commonalities and best practices, to create standardised uses and methods, thus providing better services to content users, and reducing costs for all publishers. Over time, we hope that this site becomes a robust central resource and a forum for the exchange of information, experiences, and thoughts.

Members: IOP, ACM, Taylor & Francis, De Gruyter, PLOS, Springer Nature and Wiley.