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PLOS Thesaurus

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The Subject Areas belong to a thesaurus of over 10,000 terms initially built for us over the course of 2012 by Access Innovations. The 2012 thesaurus was based on the controlled vocabulary of classification terms that had been in use in PLOS Editorial Manager augmented by a specialist Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine thesaurus built by Access Innovations. The entire corpus of PLOS articles was analysed to ensure that the thesaurus covers the research domain comprehensively.


GitHub: https://github.com/PLOS/plos-thesaurus

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  1. Name of Developer:  Rachel Drysdale  gro.s1604183179olp@e1604183179ladsy1604183179rdr1604183179

How is this KM used?

Machine Aided Indexing (MAI)
e.g. PLOS One: http://www.plosone.org/taxonomy

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